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Welcome to White Sand Golden Retrievers
Breeders of English Type Golden Retriever Puppies in the United States

We strive to breed only the finest English Golden Retriever puppies with excellent health, temperament and structure. Our dogs come from some of the best kennels in Europe and we spend hours researching pedigress to improve our program. Breeding healthy English Golden Retrievers takes more than just mating two dogs. Here at White Sand we strive to improve with every litter while adhering to the Golden Retriever Club of England standard.

We are located in Headland, Alabama 30 minutes from the Florida and Georgia line. Our dogs are what others consider White Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers and British Golden Retrievers but truthfully, they are just Golden Retrievers. Our dogs look white at times but they are actually light cream/light golden in accordance to the Golden Retriever color standard in England. The UK (European) Kennel Club standard for the golden retriever is cream to dark gold.
Visit our FAQ'S page to answer questions that you may have and also our Health page for informative information regarding the English Type Golden Retriever.
To see news on our upcoming litters or current litters please visit our Puppies Page , our Past Litters page to see what a typical White Sand English Golden Retriever looks like.
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Hemingway and I having fun at the ranch.
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